Hello from Holland

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Dirk Broer
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Hello from Holland

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I finally bought myself some Odroids to help me crunch BOINC. I had already bought a secondhand Odroid-XU4 and was so impressed by the performance that I bought a brand-new Odroid-N2+ as well.
Trying to tame Android 9 now in order to make the fan run in 'always on' mode, as BOINC makes the heatsink quite hot...so hot that the fan kicks in without having to find out how to enable it software-wise!

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Re: Hello from Holland

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Welcome to the Odroid community Dirk.

You will need to lower the first fan trip point, if you can't find the information start a new thread and someone will help Image


You will need to have root enabled and terminal emulator installed and you can do this (after every reboot):

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 echo 20000 > /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/trip_point_4_temp 

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Re: Hello from Holland

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