Assistance with finding / debugging memory leak on HC2

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Assistance with finding / debugging memory leak on HC2

Post by abraunegg »

Hi all,

I am the current developer / maintainer of the OneDrive Linux client (, and a current user has posted an issue in regards to a memory leak that impacts use of the client (see: for details) - however exhaustive testing on other platforms and environments has been unable to uncover where this leak is originating from. Other users running ARM or Docker do not seem to see this issue either (or at least it is not being reported).

As I do not have this hardware, and despite building a qemu ARM platform, I am unable to trigger or see this issue. The end users platform consists of the following:
  • Armbian Buster Server (4.14) with openmediavault 5 on odroid-hc2
  • OpenMediaVault + flashmemory (folder2ram)
  • Running the OneDrive client via Docker using the provided 'dockerfile-rpi'
Is there anyone within the ODROID community able to assist here with tracking down what might be going on - or potentially, if you are in Melbourne, AU and have a spare device I might be able to borrow for a while?

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