Noctua fan for XU4Q

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Noctua fan for XU4Q

Post by HisDudeness »

Hi everyone! I'm thinking about buying a Noctua A4x20 fan for my XU4Q. My question is, the 5V model, like the others, comes in two flavours: regular and PWM, to control fan speed. My guess is the XU4's fan socket already controls the voltage basing on CPU temperature. Is PWM redundant?

Also, the connector has to be switched, seen that the fan has 3 cables and the XU4 only has two pins. I see that the PWM fan has four cables, the extra one probably being for the variable operating voltage. Will the PWM version be incompatible with the XU4, or do I just have an extra cable I won't connect? I'm asking because I can fetch both at the same price, and if I can get one with extra functions I may be using in the future on some other device, that works the same with my ODROID, then I'll get it.

Images for reference on components and cables included: regular version and PWM version.
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Re: Noctua fan for XU4Q

Post by wcairns »

I believe that both will work once the plug is replaced on the fan side. You will be hooking only +5v power and ground, the 3rd wire is for a tachometer signal and is not used, and the 4th wire on the PWM model is also not used. The XU4 controls the fan speed with PWM on the +5v and ground wires only. The dedicated PWM wire on the fan is not usable with the XU4.

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