Record EUROSPORT_2 with KODI or CoreElec?

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Record EUROSPORT_2 with KODI or CoreElec?

Unread post by o_lampe » Thu Feb 06, 2020 4:29 pm

Hi folks,
I've put this in the general section, since I don't know if it's XU4 or N2 related.
Here's the situation:
I have an Samsung BlueRay player with integrated HDD-recording and some SmartTV network interface for Netflix & Co. ( I believe it is XYZ-Elec )
I can't upgrade it to show and record Eurosport-player or Eurosport_2 content. ( I'm worried about installing 3rd-party stuff )
I can watch eurosportplayer on my Rpi3 chromium browser, but I can't record it.

Q: What would be the best ODROID-based solution to do this? KODI on XU4 or CoreElec on N2?

BTW: Why is the N2 CoreElec edition from the same price as a standalone N2?
I get super-cautious when I can get something "for free"...who pays for the extras and WHY?

Thanks for reading

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