bl2 with bigger size for a boot loader

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bl2 with bigger size for a boot loader

Unread post by tolonuga » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:28 am

Hi, I'm trying the new boot/loader as a replacement for u-boot. It is basically a linux kernel and uroot combined with a bit of glue code.

However I'm hitting the 1MB limit of the BL2. The one I use comes from branch odroidxu3-v2012.07 from repository.

Is there a version that supports bigger images? Ideally even one that supports a variable size, so it can be as large as I need it to be?

Thanks, Andreas

p.s. in case you are interested, uroot is a userland for booting, written in go, see boot/loader is a set of patches for odroid-xu4/hc1 to make it boot this, with a small init loader (as uroot is too big). boot/loader was presented as patch series here: and had a talk on fosdem here: ... inux_only/

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