CoreELEC - How to Update petitboot from CoreELEC

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CoreELEC - How to Update petitboot from CoreELEC

Post by cdu13a »

I have been asked several times now by different users how how to update petitboot from CoreELEC. So to save my self some typing in the future here are some simple instructions on how to update petitboot from an existing CoreELEC install on a micro sd card.

Note: This can only be done from a Micro-SD install of CoreELEC since eMMC can't access the SPI flash.
Note: These Instructions are to update to the dev.20191127 version of petitboot. If you want to update to a newer version you will need to swap the URL in the commands below for the one that points to the version of petitboot you wish to install.

Step #1: Power off your Odroid N2.
Step #2: Toggle the boot mode switch to the SPI boot position.
Step #3: Power on your Odroid N2 with the sd card that has CoreELEC installed on it inserted.
Step #5: Enable SSH if you have not done so already.
go to Settings > CoreELEC > Services > SSH > Enable SSH
Step #5: SSH into your Odroid N2. (The default user and passwords for CoreELEC user: root password: coreelec)
Step #6: Run the following commands.

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mount -o remount,rw /flash
wget -O /flash/spiboot.img
mount -o remount,ro /flash
Petitboot will update itself when it finds the spiboot.img file. This will take a few minutes.
Important: Do not Power Off your Odroid N2 during the update proccess.

After the petitboot update is finsihed your Odroid N2 will reboot, and if all went well you will have
the new petitboot version isntalled.
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Re: CoreELEC - How to Update petitboot from CoreELEC

Post by wrxtasy »

For those having issues with Petitboot and recent versions of CoreELEC, the minimum version required is this:

Easiest way to get Petitboot up and running with minimal problems is use the Petitboot - Recovery image and flash that to a microSDHC before you start, as this installs a known working version of Petitboot: ... overy_mode ... 200816.img

I'm using CoreELEC v9.2.5 on eMMC and Volumio on a microSDHC to dual boot.

Hint: take note of the XXXX-XXXX
disk designations first to be used in the > System Configuration > Boot order selection.

W. :D
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