Faulty MicroSD Card Reader

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Faulty MicroSD Card Reader

Post by spunknik »

Just received a new N2 board and was all stoked to set it up and have been unable to do so. The board fails to boot with the included SD card (Ubuntu), no blue light turns on when micro sd card is inserted, selector switch is set to eMMC. I've attempted loading Ubuntu N2 image (Ubuntu MATE 18.04.3 LTS using etcher and confirming md5 checksum) on a seperate sd card as well and same issue, no blue light ever turns on when selector switch is set to eMMC.

I have been able to get the petitboot loader to load up when selector switch is set to SPI. When doing this it fails to ever recognize either the supplied micro sd card nor my sandisk ultra (UHS-1) 64gb card, when they are plugged into micro sd slot, which I imagine it should do?

When I have used a micro sd to usb adapter there have been times where it is recognized from the boot loader but often it is not and I have never been able to successfully boot the device into Ubuntu, even in my attempts of doing so from one of the USB 3.0 ports

Feeling pretty certain I received a faulty board with a micro sd slot that simply doesn't work. Wondering if anyone might have some advice for me? I was beginning the RMA process but they recommended putting a post on this forum before starting the process.

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Re: Faulty MicroSD Card Reader

Post by odroid »

I think you already did as much as possible and I also think the SDcad related interface seems to be damaged by unknown electrical shock.
Please contact "odroid at hardkernel dot com" with a link of this post.
They will help your RMA process if you purchased the board from our web-store directly.
Otherwise, contact your local distributor/reseller.

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