Is ODROID-H2 capable of doing RAID-10?

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Is ODROID-H2 capable of doing RAID-10?

Unread post by zetoune » Sat Nov 30, 2019 1:58 am

Hi there,

A little bit of context:
I have an old server I want to replace. It's big, it's loud. I think the ODROID-H2 could replace it. According to Cpu Benchmark, my old dual XEON is still more powerful than ODROID-H2 but the main purpose of it would be a Plex Server. And when it needs to encode files the CPU goes up to 100%.
ODROID-H2 is Intel® Quick Sync Video enable so it should be able to encode way better than the Xeon.

I have 8 drives configured as 2 RAID-10. I've seen this post ... ata_drives which gave me big hope of using all my drives with the ODROID-H2. Because I can't use my PCIe RAID controller with the ODROID-H2, I'm wondering whether I can recreate the 2 RAID-10 with `mdadm` and whether the ODROID-H2 CPU is powerful enough to handle this configuration without performance decrease.

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