A Few Odroid questions, please help me!!!

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A Few Odroid questions, please help me!!!

Post by merewe »

So I'm looking for a raspberry pi alternative and it seems that the oDroid is the best one for under 100$. Can I use an external hard drive (not usb stick) to carry all my games?

I should go with the fan installed right? Not worth the 10% performance reduction to have a heatsink.

Is the difference between the XU4Q and XU4 just fans MyWegMansConnect and heatsinks?

I hear about 128gb image files, can I just extract it and put it on my external HD?
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Re: A Few Odroid questions, please help me!!!

Post by mad_ady »

You can use HDDs for games or for rootfs, but you'll still need at least an sd card to boot (128M).
The only difference between Q and regular is the large heatsink. A lot of people bought regular + heatsink, and added a quieter noctua fan. You need the original fan to extract the connector (or I think you can use one from a battery).

A 2.5" hdd can be powered directly via usb (I recommend getting HK's usb-sata adapter), but for 3.5" drives you'll need a good enclosure.

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