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Post by mzieg »

I have an ODROID-C Rev 0.3 20141107. I am guessing that it may be what is now called an ODROID-C1.

I need to run a Python GUI using PySide2 / Qt5. My app runs great on Ubuntu 14 LTS x86 for instance, but the PySide2 packages seem scarce for ARM.

I found that ARM packages were recently added to Raspbian Buster (a fork of Debian Buster). I confirmed that I could get my application running on a Raspberry Pi 3B v1.2, after updating to the lastest Buster image.

My (naive) assumption is that an ODROID from 2014 "looks" awful similar to a Raspberry Pi from 2015, and so I'm wondering if I can install something like Raspbian Buster on my old ODROID.

If necessary, I can order a new ODROID of whatever configuration, to keep things as similar as possible (this is updating a legacy system).

Worst-case, I can move away from ODROID and just install a Raspberry Pi, but I'm trying to explore options which would let me keep the same SBC, or at least similar model.

I suppose my immediate path should be to try to install ubuntu_18.04lts/C0_C1/ubuntu-18.04.3-3.10-mate-odroid-c1-20190904 and see if I can get the app working on that baseline, since Ubuntu is likewise a Debian derivative so should hopefully offer similar package support.

I guess I don't have a question yet, though I thought I would when I started this. Will come back if things don't work out :-)

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