Possible issue with EMMC tuning in AML's OdroidC2 kernel

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Possible issue with EMMC tuning in AML's OdroidC2 kernel

Post by skoperst »

Hi, I'm using the 8GB module for a project and I had problems in which occasionally the emmc would run into ton of CRC errors and practically unusable.

Originally supplied with: 8GME4R, it was changed to 8GTF4R.

I used https://github.com/hardkernel/linux/com ... 289f51efd7 commit as suggested by Hardkernel. It seems to help with the new EMMC (8GTF4R) but the older one now has the same issue with the CRC.

After debugging I noticed the corruption issue will start when tuning process will finish with gadjust 0x2000. And will set on that tuning more when corruption is widespread what makes this issue so deadly and will probably make partitions unmountable.

The following code will avoid 0x2000 gadjust, and after ton of reboot & testing it seems fixed for the old emmc.

Code: Select all

+    if (best_win_start == 0 && best_win_size == 10){
+        printk("[aml_emmc] fixing bad win start & size \n");
+        best_win_size = 9;
+        best_win_start = 1;
+    }
Anyone wants to verify this?

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