3.5inch HDD for storage in ODROID-HC1

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3.5inch HDD for storage in ODROID-HC1

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ODROID-HC1 looks like a great product! But I have a suggestion. If you want to serve the home made cloud storage server market you should make a version for the larger 3.5 inch HDD form factor.

2.5 inch drives as magnetic HDD are slowly dying in the industry and the drives are getting to be expensive and are not very good density. Any 2.5 inch form factor being designed today are NVMe, which I believe will not work with your board.

Dense archival storage today is always based on 3.5 inch magnetic HDDs. They use the SATA interface very well. Big drives in the 10TB up to 14TB are arriving and the 6TB or 8TB size will be the cheapest soon.

Thanks for your excellent products and good luck.

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Re: 3.5inch HDD for storage in ODROID-HC1

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