No LAN link

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No LAN link

Post by Ondjultomte »

Hi I just bought the the N2 but the NIC or the NIC port seems to be dead, how do I get a DOA ?

The issu is that the NIC cant get a link, I have tried several new patch cables in the N2 connected to the media TPLink switch that I have any my "core" switch a Mikrotik. Also tried to do p2p links with two laptops.

I want to verify with ifconfig that the link is just not down too, how do I start a ternmial from inside kodi ?

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Re: No LAN link

Post by mad_ady »

What os are you running?
Try ubuntu minimal, and run

Code: Select all

ip addr
ethtool eth0

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Re: No LAN link

Post by elatllat »

If you don't want to change OS, your router will list the N2s IP, or you can find it with

nmap -p 22 192.168.0/24

from any other computer on the same network. (Change ip block to match yours if required)

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Re: No LAN link

Post by tobetter »

Attach HDMI display and USB keyboard, flip the boot select switch to SPI in order to boot Petitboot. Run "ifconfig eth0 up" and "udhcpd" in the shell, you will have IP address when the network interface works properly or you can set static IP address for testing.

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