VLC player with rtsp?

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VLC player with rtsp?

Post by jelly »

Does anyone have VLC working with RTSP (real time streaming protocol) to display a camera on an XU4 or the like?

This is for a HikVision camera sending H.264 encoded video.

$ vlc --rtsp-frame-buffer-size 600000 rtsp://

Works on my Debian, but not on my Odroid XU4.

I'm getting "vidioc_try_fmt:401: Unsupported format for destination." in /var/log/syslog. It opens the stream, then gets a buffer, and opens a window, but inside the window it's black.

I've tried a whole bunch of things, but am stuck. Thanks.

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Re: VLC player with rtsp?

Post by mad_ady »

Try ffplay instead of vlc to get accelerated video decoding.

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