ODROID Magazine October 2019 (Ludicrous Speed)

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ODROID Magazine October 2019 (Ludicrous Speed)

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Re: ODROID Magazine October 2019 (Ludicrous Speed)

Post by RomaT »

"Networking At Ludicrous Speed: Blasting Through The 10000Mbps Network Speed Limit With The ODROID-H2"
Figure 3 contains an error in the inscription - "12V and 3.3V lines powering the PCIe bus"
this is not true, additional powering the PCIe bus only +12V (yellow),
the red wire is +5V, not 3.3V - It is not used, hanging in the air, on the adapter M.2 M to PCI-E x4 slot.
i.e. only yellow and one black wire are enough, the rest are not used !
made for easy connection with improvised means, without confusing polarity,
because the adapter from the power of SATA to only +12 do not make (or harder to find).
+3.3V to the PCI-E slot come from the M.2 connector, i.e. from the H2 board ;)
but this need not be feared, +3.3v is only used to lift the signal levels or partial, power on all PCI-E controllers from +12V, installed converters DC-DC to the level they need.
Figure containing an error:
10-Gb-Ethernet-Figure-3-The-adapter-installed-on-the-ODROID-H2.png (1.21 MiB) Viewed 42687 times

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