LIBS BCM 2835 for a PI2SCART

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LIBS BCM 2835 for a PI2SCART

Unread post by Oxidia » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:40 pm

Hello ,

A french guy built the Rolls-Royce of mini consoles for retro game emulation and he used Odroid XU4 instead of raspberry Pie.
I've heard good feedback about it and they said it's better than raspberry for emulation perfect without input lag BUT the only thing is : there is no PI2SCART created for it because of no libs bcm 2835 implanted on Odroid XU4

Pi2SCART : ... anguage=en

I contacted ARCADEFORGE, creators of PI2SCART and this is what they said to me :

" yes, the same approach like on rpi is not possible for odroid since it has no bcm 2835 libs.
But a good idea. Since rpi4 is such a mess another device should be supported ! "

So i think, if you do that , all retro gamers community will buy your odroid and we will totally forget raspberry or other consoles mini like SNES mini , Nes mini, PS1 mini blablabla... We are still a lot playing old games on Arcade or CRT TV so this is a chance to you for eating Raspberry and become the next messiah of retro gamers. Old people are not the only players , every days some young people are discovering what is retro gaming and become fan of it.

Hope to get an answer, thank you for your time on reading me.

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Re: LIBS BCM 2835 for a PI2SCART

Unread post by odroid » Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:35 pm

Thank you for the suggestions.
But it is not possible to implement the raw RGB output on the XU4 due to some different raw GPIO characteristics. Sorry about that.

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