VU7 Screen on C2

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VU7 Screen on C2

Post by morriswu06 »


I just bought a VU7 screen and would like to use it with C2. I use HDMI cable for video signal and Micro-USB cable for power(C2-VU7). However, when I turned the power on, the screen just all white.

From the VU7 Wiki it says "in case of ODROID-C2, display auto detection mode can adjust hdmi resolution and dvi option by default.So you don't need to edit boot.ini." I've also checked the boot.ini file and the line setenv display_autodetect "true" is the same as Wiki. Is there any other thing I need to set to let VU7 screen work with C2?

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Re: VU7 Screen on C2

Post by odroid »

Which Ubuntu OS image do you use?
Did you try this latest one?

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Re: VU7 Screen on C2

Post by joy »

As odroid mentioned, please check the version of OS image first.

And if you have no luck after using the latest OS image, please check the followings.

[ 1 ] Debug files
And could you share the following files in /media/boot/ ?
( /media/boot/ : vfat file system of your card )
- edid.bib
- display.bin

You can find those files if auto detection scheme works normally
and they contain normal EDID information if hdmi connection is OK.

Please share the files here as attachment.

[ 2 ] VU7 version
Can you specify the revision of VU7 display?
You can check it using the text of back-side of your VU7 display like this.
- VU7
- VU7 Plus (VU7+)
- VU7A Plus (VU7A+)
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