N2 or HC2 for NAS?

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N2 or HC2 for NAS?

Post by DouglasQuaid2 »

Ok so it's time to get some shared storage, and was pretty much settled on the HC2.
That was until I saw the N2 hit the scene!

Specs wise the N2 is a clear winner, but the HC2 would look nice and tidy with the case and all.

So only real question, is there any advantage to the SATA ports on the HC2 compared to using the USB3.0 ports on the N2?

Obviously, if I were using 3.5" disks, I need to sort out 12V power, but that's no big deal.

But being that SATA and Gbe on the HC2 are over USB3.0 bridge anyway, am I correct in assuming the SATA connector is for convenience only and disk performance should be the same on HC2 and N2?

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Re: N2 or HC2 for NAS?

Post by mad_ady »

For a trouble-free NAS go with the HC2. If you're willing to tinker and may want to use your odroid for other things go with the N2. It had some usb3 issues, but it seemed they were fixed recently.

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Re: N2 or HC2 for NAS?

Post by elatllat »

Get the N2 if you want the ability to use a larger drive (16TB+), or multiple drives, or fast drive encription.
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Re: N2 or HC2 for NAS?

Post by domih »

I have been using an HC2 with a 10TB WD Red for almost a year now. Zero problem. It was basically a "set it up and then forget about it" (*). When transferring big GB files using Samba, the HC2 has no problem sustaining 100+ MB/s transfer, pretty close to the max theoretical limit of 1GbE. So a HC2 can indeed saturate the 1Gbe lane. Thermal wise: the extremely large heat sink consisting of the whole case does its work, no need for any fan, even in the middle of a California heat-wave (> 100F / 40C). Totally silent.

WD Red are also pretty silent drives. They spin down quite quickly (within 5 minutes?) so power wise you do save electricity, but you have to wait a few seconds for them to spin up when you access the "sleeping" NAS. I think there is a way to change the spin down delay, just Google for it, and it's not specifically related to the HC2.

For the N2, that would be fine too. More expensive for this specific use case. You can use the 4 x USB3 to connect multiple disks for example a mirroring RAID 1. I recommend using the Odroid USB3 to SATA adapter unless you already have the external USB3 cases. Check the N2 forums to look for people using it like this and see what they say. The N2 would allow you to provide more than NAS services, it can run a desktop session, it can run more services in an efficient manner if you go with the 4GB model while the HC2 tops at 2 GB.

If it is for NAS only, the HC2 is better suited, the case holds the HD, with the N2 you'll need an extra case to hold the disk in a proper manner.

(*) Like for any server, I turn off the automatic apt updates. I update it manually once a month. IMHO, automatic updates is not suited for a server. Updates can affect the services of the server and you want to be attending when that happens and not discovering it days later...
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Re: N2 or HC2 for NAS?

Post by firozkhan »

Great Post

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