Changing vmalloc

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Changing vmalloc

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Hi all,

I'm chasing down a problem with a very-high-resolution camera array we're using with the ODROID XU4. We're on ubuntu 18.04 and using the latest minimal image built up with opencv, gstreamer, etc. We stream 4k from a camera to web server, and occasionally, with other cameras in the array, synchronize capture 3x 13MP images. This is successful, but dmesg is now reporting a vmalloc error (that I don't recall seeing before). After we see that error, our stream is highly likely to start producing errors and dropping frames. We use Gstreamer to capture the images, and this even occurs if I take 3x 640x480 images, so something is fishy. Either way, I'd like to play with setting the size of vmalloc.

I've set vmalloc with desktop ubuntu using Grub, but I don't see that on the Odroid XU4. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Re: Changing vmalloc

Post by mad_ady »

If it's a kernel parameter, add it to bootargs in /media/boot/boot.ini

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