Connecting analog cameras to XU4?

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Connecting analog cameras to XU4?

Post by nicsicx »


I’m looking to make my oDroid XU4 into a CCTV system but am confused about how exactly I would connect the cameras?

Need something to connect the audio/video to- switch or splitter... would something like this work? ... B019OJM7D0

If someone wouldn’t mind holding my hand through this and pasting the exact items I would need (switch, cables, adapter?) I’d be very grateful and will share the end results on the forum.


-I’d like to be able to connect 4 cameras to one XU4. The capability for connecting more than 4, or an explanation for how to do so would be great.

-Likely going to be using Ubuntu 18.04

- I have not selected the cameras yet, so there are no requirements there.

- I haven’t decided on what software I’m going to use yet, but I would like to try Shinobi CCTV, Zoneminder, and motioneyeOS.

Disclaimer: if you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty much a noob so the more exact the instructions the better.

Thank you for taking the time!

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Re: Connecting analog cameras to XU4?

Post by odroid »

Most people seem to use the IP cameras with Ethernet network.
Read the following articles in our Magazine and search forum to gather more ideas.
Zoneminder articles. ... -solution/ ... droid-xu4/
Shinobi article. ... droid-hc2/

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Re: Connecting analog cameras to XU4?

Post by mad_ady »

+1 for cheap ip cameras.
If you need to go with analog cams, then you need a dvr, which would do what you want to setup the xu4 to do...

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