Building a File and Web Server

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Building a File and Web Server

Unread post by caffeine » Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:11 am

I'm looking to build a File / Web server for my home network to replace a full ATX tower machine that's currently serving as my home Linux server. I'm attracted to the ODroid for its size and low power. My current machine is a power hog -- it heats up the room it's in. Good for winter, painful in summer.

Both are bare bones basic:
  • Web server will be my personal webpage (i.e low traffic, small amount of server side scripting.)
  • File serving will be music collection, photos, movies, TV shows to be shared with other computers on my home network.
I planned for the system to run headless, but after looking at some forum posts, I see these things do emulation. It might be cool to have a game server if I can run something like eDuke, Quake3, or PlayStation games over X11.

Ideally, I'd like to have something I can stick 3-5 SSDs in and use SAMBA to mount shares on the other machines around the house.

Which ODroid product should I be looking at? Is N2 the newest, biggest, baddest ODroid of them all right now? It looks like HC1 and HC2 are the only ODroid with SATA-3 ports, but there's only 1 SATA port per SBC. I saw you can stack them, but then that leads to a messy implementation -- for 3 SSDs I'll need three Ethernet cables, three power cables, etc.

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Re: Building a File and Web Server

Unread post by mad_ady » Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:40 am

Here's my 2 cents.
The H2 with its two onboard sata ports and expandable nvme currently makes the most powerfull NAS candidate. But it's also the most expensive
N2 is the most powerfull arm board and more than capable for your needs *but* it has some usb stability issues that are currently investigated. If you go with N2, get a big power supply, short usb cables, supported usb-sata bridges and self-powered disks to minimize the risk of instability. I expect that the problem will be solved, but may take a while considering Amlogic's record.
XU4 is both powerfull and currently best supported arm odroid. A nas would work well and emulation as well. It's a safe bet, but the soc is somewhat dated.
N1 would have been the best arm nas since it had native sata support, but alas it's not built anymore...

Regarding emulation - you can't reasonably expect much performance if you want to stream X11 over the network. But if you're running locally, the XU4 should currently have the best support. N2 lacks X11 acceleration, so it may be problematic (but can run some games in fbdev mode).

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