Smarter photo management with AI?

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Smarter photo management with AI?

Unread post by mad_ady » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:06 am

Having relatively small children I accumulate over 5000 family photos ever 6 months. I try to take the time to triage and sort these photos every few months, but the task seems to get out of hand and I might need more advanced tools.

Currently I have some scripts that convert mp4 video taken from my camera or phones and reencodes it at a lower bandwidth while preserving video detail (there's no reason for a 1080p video to be 20Mbps when it's visually the same at 4Mbps or below). This helps me save up on storage and also imposes a lighter load on my extended family's computers/networks.
For photos I have a script that clears exif comments (some phones would put garbage in the comment field) and also fixes the file date (sets it to the "date taken" exif field). (I'm very strict with my metadata).

But I still have to manually go through all the photos to group them by event/date, delete the duplicate/out-of-focus or not relevant ones or sync clocks/timestamps when merging photos from different sources.

I figure I could use an automatic hand with it.
I'll also want to display photos on a photo frame I want to build with a VU7+, but I'd like to show pictures of family members, not landscapes/cityscapes. And I don't want to manually select the photos to display (should be a smart photo frame after all!)

So these are the problems I'm trying to solve:

1. Photo deduplication - should be easy (hash based) for identical photos, but I want to keep the higher resolution photo in case I have an original and a scaled down version (e.g. sent over whatsapp). Not sure if there's a tool for this already...
2. Face identification - I'd like to tag (via exif) the photos that contain at least a face.
3. Face recognition - I'd like to be able to recognize who the face belongs to in a photo. Ideally after the identification people with similar faces are grouped together so I can select/name them in bulk... Bonus points if it can keep track of a growing kid's face (because I sometimes mix my sons together in their early photos), otherwise I'll use context information (e.g. it's kid1 if date < kid2_birth_date else it's kid2).

All of this was done/doable by Google's Picasa a decade ago, but for windows and with a proprietary database. I'd like to store info as exif metadata so I can scan/use it 10-20 years from now.

So - what are my options? I'm not looking for speed, but if possible I'd like to split the work between my production odroids (mostly c2s). Any notable software I should know about to help get the job done?


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