my first odroid

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my first odroid

Post by gsgs » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:30 pm

I got a used Odroid-N2 mainly for chess.
I had raspberry pi 2,3b , 4b(waiting for the boot-card) and several tablets .

I had to learn the new card-format , how to insert it.
I could not use the existing card, which required an unknown password.
I got the Android-Card , figured out how to insert it and successfully booted.
Then (after ~30min) I figured out, that I had to wipe up from bottom
to get settings etc. and succeeded to install my apps.
I got 2420 kn/s with CFish in DroidFish setting it to 6 threads (6W),
2480kn/s when setting it to 4 threads (6W), 1870kn/s when setting it to 3 threads (5W),
(to compare : the pi3b had 440kn/s (5W) with 4 threads in Raspbian-Linux)
but everytime the Odroid shuts down after some hours, even when running nothing.

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