VMware Photon OS Port Help

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VMware Photon OS Port Help

Post by kstroker »

Hi, I would very much like to get the Photo OS (a lightweight Linux OS that runs containers very efficiently) running the C2.

There is a GitHub and it is open source, there is even a pre-compile arm64 ISO, sadly it does not boot on the C2.

I know of a few customers looking to use the C2 for IoT+camera+image recognition tech and an rPI just does not cut it.

So, having never ported anything before, I would very much like to get some help or see if one of you find folk would be up to the challenge of porting and documenting the process.

Thanks in advance for looking this over and maybe even considering it - would appreciate any help, I have done a cursory exploration on the web for docs and there are a few, I wish I had more time to learn and get through it all, but I am pressed for time and any help is appreciated. If you are in the Seattle area, I can reward you with smoked brisket and corgi playtime.

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Re: VMware Photon OS Port Help

Post by mad_ady »

Are you sure it's the same thing? The x86 image is 4G while the rpi image is 53M...

To port it you can try the following:
Flash the rpi image to an sd card (SD1). Flash ubuntu minimal on an sd (SD2) for C2. Boot it once so it resizes. Make a backup of /lib/modules from the C2 SD2 (partition2). Delete everything else from the rootfs on SD2 - except for /lib/modules. Now transfer the rootfs from SD1 to SD2. It's unlikely that /lib/modules is overwritten.
Use a serial adapter and boot the new SD2. Fingers crossed that it starts. Most likely you'll run into some issues because the c2 has a rather old kernel, but docker should work.
Note - disable kernel/uboot updates in the new image, otherwise it will hose your system.

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