Colour and Black screen issues [update]

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Colour and Black screen issues [update]

Unread post by Damo » Thu May 16, 2019 5:47 pm

These issues have been happening since I got the board 2 months ago.

The first issue is that the screen mostly stays black depending on the action. If it's just on TTY is mostly stays on. but when on a desktop or application it flickers black or just stays off.

The second issue is random Green and Red lines cover the screen sometimes just red or green but mostly both.

I thought they were due to driver issues but I can't find anyone else with these issues

These issues occur on all the OS's I've tried:
Ubuntu Mate desktop and minimal
arch arm

I have tested the output on multiple monitors and TVs with different HDMI cables
the power supply is the one it comes with 12v 2000mA

ssh output is fine
edit: I use a sd card
edit2: Display works fine now after I changed it to 1080i, but would still prefer 1080p as it looks better. I have only tested it on android and any help to fix the issue for 1080p would be great

Any help, would be appreciated

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