Hey Everyone! It’s Good to be Here!

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Hey Everyone! It’s Good to be Here!

Unread post by Brackie8287 » Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:10 pm

Here’s my current setup: Odroid Xu4, Power Supply, Bluetooth Dongle, EDUP EP-MS8512 WiFi Module (won’t connect or even register so I’m ordering the Odroid module 3), 128 GB microsd card with the ORA image flashed on, a couple of 8bitdo SN30 GB Bluetooth controllers (just figured out how to update the firmware on the Mac), and last but not least a whole lot of motivation to learn more about sbcs with retro gaming as my goal!

I’ll admit I’m not super savvy with navigating various operating systems and troubleshooting different configurations to make a work around. Maybe I’m at a stage finally where I’m willing to tinker with things a bit more to escape other aspects of my day to day life, who knows?

Anyway, this is where I’m at. I haven’t installed Ubuntu I’ve just booted ORA directly from the sd card. I spent a while trying to configuring the controllers and finally got them connected, although I did set them to be found when the unit boots up but haven’t been able to get that working properly yet. I ran into the WiFi issue (as mentioned above) and updated the controllers (also mentioned above).

I guess right now with where I’m at, does anyone have any advice or suggestions that would benefit my journey learning this little guy? Maybe even your favorite forum thread that really helped you get over the hump? It could prove invaluable moving forward. I’ll pay it forward as well!

Thanks, Brandon

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Re: Hey Everyone! It’s Good to be Here!

Unread post by rooted » Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:11 pm

Best advice I can give is read a good Linux basic commands tutorial.

This one is a start:

https://maker.pro/linux/tutorial/basic- ... -beginners

Once your more comfortable with the operating system basic diagnosis and troubleshooting become easier.

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