Dual boot Android/LibreElec?

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Dual boot Android/LibreElec?

Unread post by ecab21 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:00 am

Does anyone have an image with the last version of Android and LibreElec in the same sd card with option to choose wich use at boot?
I did read the article in the https://magazine.odroid.com/wp-content/ ... 201702.pdf but didn't fully understood.
I'm using Windows 10 as my PC OS. I tried to flash the multiboot image with Win32DiskManager, it created a 250MB partition and ignored the rest of de usb drive space, than I resize the space and copy the android image as update.tar in the first/only partition of the flash drive (SELFINST), than I put a blank sd card on the Odroid and the USB drive and power on the Odroid C2, nothing happened. No image, no option to select the system to install.
What I did wrong?

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