Monero Solo Mining with a Stratum Proxy Server

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Monero Solo Mining with a Stratum Proxy Server

Unread post by hominoid » Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:20 am

There have been some forum users that have expressed an interest in using stratum mining software to solo mine Monero. Up to this point, short of setting up a complete pool, I was not aware of a solution. Normally stratum proxy servers are used to consolidate a large number of stratum miners for pool mining. Recently I came across a Monero stratum proxy server that can solo mine using a local backend Monero node. It is simpler then running a pool, doesn't require any database or web server on the backend and has a nice web based interface to manage miners.

I recently setup a full Monero node (Blockchain is 65GB+), the stratum proxy server and a Odroid XU4 test system dual CPU/GPU solo mining using stratum based software, while also likewise dual mining on the backend. Here's the test configuration:

Odroid-N1 with 500GB HDD, Debian kernel 4.4.114
Monero v0.12.3.0 (Lithium Luna point release 3)
Monero-stratum Proxy Server
Arm Compute Library Arch64 v18.08
sgminer v5.5.6-arm for GPU mining
xmrig v2.6.4 for CPU mining

Odroid XU4 Ubuntu 16.04.5 kernel 4.14.69-135
Arm Compute Library Armv7 v18.08
sgminer 5.5.6-arm for GPU mining
cpuminer-multi v1.3.1 for CPU mining

Everything was compiled from source code except the Arm Compute Libraries. I had setup the back-end on the XU4 previously and everything compiled and ran fine but I had some localized network issues relating to binding privileged ports. I decide to reconfigure to run the back-end as root to avoid the problem and save on the limited time I had to work on this project. At the same time I also decided it made more sense for me to run the back-end on the Odroid-N1. The back-end Odroid-N1 was also configured to use huge pages for xmrig. They were recognized and it appeared that there was an increase in performance for xmrig even though empirical testing needs to be done.

I plan on using this configuration as a long term test bed so I'll report back from time to time on the backend stability, load capability and other front-end configurations from a performance stand point (huge pages) when it makes sense. As always when dual GPU/CPU mining watch your temperatures! Dual mining Monero seems to really turn up the heat on the OEM active cooled XU4 cores housed in a HK case. I'm having to run a single thread at 1.5Ghz to keep the temperatures below 80 degrees centigrade while using the typical GPU configuration as discussed in the sgminer-arm Dual GPU/CPU Mining thread. One other note is to remember to compile the Monero Node for shared libraries as explained on the git for the Monero stratum server. Up time so far is 1.5 days and everything is running well.

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