Supreme Odroid (Attract gaming image base on OGST)

Very powerful gaming console solution based on Debian

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Supreme Odroid (Attract gaming image base on OGST)

Unread postby Régalad » Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:37 am

Hi everyone,

I would like to share here my work on OGST. It s an attract mode build with many great features.
I would like 1st to thanks Meveric for his amazing work on OGST.
It took me 3 month full time to make the Supreme Odroid tweak on OGST base so i can understand all the time an pain it has cost to him :D .

Key Features:
-Attract mode Regalad V5 :
*HP2 layout by Carl HagstrÙm
*HP2 flyer and systems snaps
*Art and system background from cosmo layout
*173 systems and collections

-N64 odroid case LCD screen support with 3 exclusives logo packs
-USB HDD one click support
-video loading screen
-All game bezels from "BezelProject" team
-Native Xbox360 wireless controller support (also supports all USB gamepads,
bluetooth gamepads such as PS4 DualShock, 8bitdo gamepads, etc.)
-Exclusive scripts library
-file system expands automatically on first boot
-Network share of roms, bios and splash screen folder
-Supports all attract mode rompacks (download the 250gb Régalad & WDG Supreme rompack
and used it on your SD or HDD)
-Full Pixel desktop (OGST base)

I have spend hard time to make it full fonctionnal with many great features and also trying to make it more "user friendly" than OGST.
I have spend few times to improve emulator performance.
Has i have change many things on the original OGST it s no longer updatable with meverick packages.
You have now all compatibility with all attract mode rompack and art.


Video tutorial :

Check out my YouTube channel « Retro vers le futur » : ... asJlv5mEbQ

Supreme Retro Gaming Facebook group

1/ How to install

-Unrar the files with last winrar software
-Format your sd card with sdformater
-Burn the ".img" file with Win32DiskImager (WIN) or appbaker (MACOS)
-Put the SD card In your odroid
-Turn on the device (system will restart after expanding file system)

You need a keyboard and a mouse for controller mapping

2/ Bluetooth controller setup

-Go to bluetooth in settings menu
-pair your controller and mark it as trust device

3/ Attract mode controller mapping

-Press "tab" on a USB keyboard
-Go to "Control"
-Map your gamepad as shown in the « supreme odroid controller mapping.PNG »
For example: attract menu function « back » is backspace on .png file is A button on your gamepad (or B on other)
The important stuff is the placement of button not the letter
Attract control can be map as you like

4/ Dreamcast controller mapping

-Go to « attract setup and setup » in settings menu
-Password is always "odroid"
-Scroll down to "Dreamcast P1 controller setup"
choose the number corresponding to your controller and press OK
-Press input as prompted

!!! don’t forget to map select as "exit" button !!!
!!! If you don't have an analog stick on your gamepad, map your dpad as analog !!!

5/ Global emulator mapping (antmicro)

-Go to "antmicro" in settings menu
-scroll down right and press the gamepad icon on the scroll bar.
-Press "controller mapping" button on lower left
-press your gamepad button as ask (or use mouse to skip)
-Load "P1.gamecontroller.amgp"
-Check the « supreme odroid controller mapping.PNG » file to verify your controls
-Do the same if you have a second controller. Load/save as P2.gamecontroller.amgp

6/ Games on The SD or HDD/USB ?

-If you want to put your games on SD:
Go on your windows network share and add games to « roms » folder
You can also access it with FTP software
path is home/odroid/roms folder (login: odroid password: odroid)

-If you want to put your games on hard drive or usb (Best option!)
Name your HDD as "regalad"
Be sure that the format type is NTFS and there is only one partition on it.
create a "roms" folder on root
Connect your HDD, boot your odroid device.
Go to "attract setup and options"
password is "odroid"
scroll down to "enable HDD for roms"
press right and ok
Wait until device reboots (it will copy some requested folders and files to your HDD
You can now add roms to HDD by network or by FTP media/odroid/regalad/roms

!!! if you already have an HDD with "roms" folder and some files on it it’s ok!!!
!!! The only thing is some system folder names may be different on supreme odroid than on your old image!!!

7/ Change screen resolution to 720P

Go to "attract setup and options"
password is "odroid"
scroll down to turn attract layout to 720P
press right and ok

8/ Special thanks

Carl HagstrÙm
Bezelproject and HP2 team
My man We’re dirty gaming
My testers Qbertaddict1 and Roy Evans
My Team « retro vers le futur » (follow us on Facebook and youtube)
And TerrorMask who made it all happen

Support my work:

Download link :!UbA0kQyA!ohx20d8VWOYJp902fjgiuw
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Re: Supreme Odroid (Attract gaming image base on OGST)

Unread postby odroid » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:35 am

Very nice image indeed!
I like your logo "Retro vers le futur »".
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