Touchscreen Display Stopped Working

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Touchscreen Display Stopped Working

Unread post by chuck.ferguson » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:03 am

I have an odd problem on my XU4. I installed the 4.4.4 alpha 5.0 Android image. The system worked great for about a month. I left it idle for about 2 weeks. Somewhere in that time the display stopped working.
  • I had a spare display so I replaced it. It still didn't work.
  • I had a spare XU4 so I moved the eMMC card to the new XU4 and tried again. STILL no function.
  • I replaced the HDMI cable. No function.
  • I moved the display to a separate power supply (instead of being powered from the XU4 USB). Still no function.
  • I reflashed the eMMC. Still no function.
The XU4 has a blinking blue heartbeat LED so I think it is running.
The touchscreen has power. It has its own power LED and every time I touch the screen the power LED dims.

I'm stumped.

Is it possible the display's brightness is turned down so low that I can't see it? I don't see how 2 XU4s and 2 displays could have exact same symptoms unless something was askew with the Android image. That is the only thing they have in common.

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