Fix: Odroid HC1 + Seagate ST4000LM024 4TB 2.5" not recognize

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Fix: Odroid HC1 + Seagate ST4000LM024 4TB 2.5" not recognize

Unread post by oRAirwolf » Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:03 pm

I just wanted to post here because I just found a solution to a problem I was having with an Odroid HC1 and a Seagate ST4000LM024 4TB drive. The drive is a 4TB 2.5" x 15mm HDD that can be shucked from a Seagate Expansion STEA4000400 external drive. I like these drives because they can be had for $90-$100 and are the best bang for the buck you can find for 2.5" mass storage. The problem I ran into was that it was not spinning up when connected to my Odroid HC1. It spun up with no problems when connected to the SATA to USB bridge that comes with the Seagate external enclosure. It also has no problems being connected to a Dell R420 hot swap bay, an Ineo C2513c 2.5" SATA III to USB Type C 3.1 Gen 2 external enclosure, or a Sabrent EC-SS31 SATA III to USB Type C 3.1 Gen 2 adapter cable. I also had no problems when connecting a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD or WD Black WD5000BPKT-08PK4 500GB HDD to the Odroid HC1. The problem was localized to the Seagate 4TB drive. I tried taping over the 3.3v pin with some kapton tape, but it was still exhibiting the same problem where it was not recognized and would not spin up. I then put kapton tape over all 3 of the 3.3v reserve pins, as seen in the picture below. This allowed the drive to spin up and be recognized by the Odroid HC1.


Here is a guide on how to do this. Kapton tape is the preferred method.

I think it would be nice if a future hardware revision of the Odroid HC1 included support for drives that have the 3.3v power down feature. This had me banging my head against the wall for a few hours.

TL;DR: If your drive doesn't spin up or isn't recognized on the Odroid HC1, try taping over all 3 of the 3.3.v reserve pins.

Links to the drive: ... -portable/ ... 6822178817 ... B017KE8OG0
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