Running LibreELEC with Game Emulators

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Running LibreELEC with Game Emulators

Unread post by Fayne » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:26 pm

Apologies for the simple questions, but I have very little technical know-how, I was wondering if there was a guide or system to install a game emulator on LibreELEC for an Odroid C2. I saw some threads discussing it, they would often point to a users specific build to run an emulator program of some sort. I just wanted clarity, in case im missing it somewhere else, does the official release of libreELEC (17.6 or so is what i think im running) support emulators on ODROID C2 or do we need to use people's builds as workarounds. it seems like retroarch and Rom collection browser are the main programs, but I wasnt sure if they work fully on ODROID C2

again, i greatly appreciate any clear, simple help that can be given. If i knew more about this stuff I wouldnt be sounding like such an idiot asking what I'm sure are obvious questions that have been answered before.

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Re: Running LibreELEC with Game Emulators

Unread post by cdu13a » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:58 am

The current version of kodi doesn't support games. So anything with version 17.x of kodi won't have games unless somebody mods them into a custom build.
The next version of kodi (18 leia) is currently reaching a beta release and has retroplayer built in, so will support games by default.
So what you need to look at is a alpha/beta release of LibreELEC or CoreELEC if you want games on an official release.
However a warning, while there has been a lot of work done, on these new version and they work really good, they are alpha/beta releases, so there will be a high possibility of bugs.

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