HC1: HDD spin-down with database on SD-card?

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HC1: HDD spin-down with database on SD-card?

Unread postby TOMillr » Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:01 pm

I'm currently looking into building NAS/Plex Server on basis of a HC1.

Since I will only be accessing the device a couple of times a week, low power consumption and noise are my main concern. When I don't actively using the NAS oder Plex Media Server, the device should be silent and not spinning up the mechanical HDD.

Is there a way to have the basic OS and database for the NAS and Plex Media Server from the SD-card so that the HDD will only spin up, when I'm actually accessing the files? So I can basically browse the database on the HC1 for files and media and the HDD will only come to life once I actually access anything on the drive?

For example, when I have the Plex Media Server installed on a Windows system, the OS and database is installed on a SSD while the media files are stored on a separate, much larger HDD. Unfortunately, whenever I access anything on the SSD, Windows automatically also spins up the HDD. This behavior I'd like to avoid on the HC1.

Is that possible? Are there any long-life SD-cards on the market that do not fail every year?
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Re: HC1: HDD spin-down with database on SD-card?

Unread postby igorpec » Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:30 pm

Is that possible?

Yes. The hard drive should spin up only when you want to access the media file. Playing or indexing.

Are there any long-life SD-cards on the market that do not fail every year?

SD cards shortcomings can be prolonged with smarter I/O management and caching. This simply means SD card will live much longer with systems (Armbian or OMV for example), which have all possible sane flash media optimizations implemented by default. I am not familiar with Plex but you can probably apply more optimizations to limit down writing cycles ... which are SD card killers.

Hardware wise is a bit harder since there are many fake SD cards on the market and even you get some recommendation you might not be able to find the original ... You can easily get fake (size or quality) card also from renown seller.

The best would be to use a board with eMMC support, which is way better. Odroid XU4 would be a better choice since HC1 lacks eMMC support.
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