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Logitech Harmony Profile

Unread post by JEDI JF » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:19 pm

I am using a Logitech Harmony 550 with an Odroid C2 and the lastest official release of LibreELEC. I am having a hard time configuring the remote properly. Which profile do you use to control Kodi?

I use HardKernel Odroid C2 and the Microsoft Media Center profiles (I also use this MCE profile on my older Kodi Windows). I know that the Odroid C2 profile (as well as the Odroid C2 IR and my Harmony remote) works great because I can power on / standby the Odroid and if I map the up/down/left/right to the Odroid C2 I can navigate the menus of Kodi without any issue. However if I map up/down/left/right to the MCE profile, it seems there are double presses. My goal is to use both profiles since I can power on the Odroid C2 with its profile but I want to use the MCE profile to access more Kodi features (ie: enable/disable subtitles).

As I said, right now if I map all the basic buttons to the C2 profile it works fine but the "advanced" buttons I mapped to the MCE profile don't work really good.

I read the previous threads about LIRC and it is disabled. I really think my issue is that I don't use the appropriate profile from the Logitech database (I also reduced the repeat but it didn't solved this issue).


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