Battery will not be charged

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Battery will not be charged

Unread postby Smoochy » Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:15 pm


yesterday i received my Odroid-go and put it together. After i plugged-in the battery i noticed a strange smell and some heat developing on the board. I unplugged the battery and tryed to find out where this came from. After some minutes it seemed like it came from the battery port. I tried to "re"pluggin the battery and it seemed okay. The Odroid was running for a few seconds but then he turned off. I looked on the board but couldn't find anything so i tryed to plug in a usb cabel as a energy source and everything worked find. Today at work i tryed to find out if the battery or the board have any issues to send the energy to the different sources but everything seemed fine. When i start the Odroid with the Skeleton file based emulators, the battery will constantly shown as empty and never gets charged. The device is working fine as long is use the mini-usb input as power source. Without a battery the handheld is useless ;) .

I added a screen shot where i noticed the smoke development.

Does anyone have a good idea how i could solve this problem i thought of a new "Lithium Battery Charging Module" or something like that.

i hope i described it well enough and i'm thankful for any answers

have a nice day
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Re: Battery will not be charged

Unread postby psycotrip » Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:53 am

you didn't mix up the speaker and battery did you?
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Re: Battery will not be charged

Unread postby odroid » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:55 am

Since we've tested the charger functionality and the battery pack in our production line, the defective rate in the charger circuit must be very low.
I think we might need to sell the GO board as a spare part.

Anyway, Please contact "odroid at hardkernel dot com" with a link of my post.
She will help your RMA process if you purchased the board from us directly.
Otherwise, contact your local distributor.
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