ODROID-GO Firmware

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ODROID-GO Firmware

Unread postby crashoverride » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:32 pm

All issues or questions should be placed in a new thread. This thread is for information related to releases. Other posts will be delete.

[NOTICE: Erasing the flash will also erase any game state currently in progress. To avoid this, load a different ROM before erasing the flash.]

The first device firmware release is available for testing:
2018/07/12 - https://github.com/OtherCrashOverride/odroid-go-firmware/releases/tag/20180712

Download, extract, and flash the odroid-go-firmware device firmware:
The procedure is the same as flashing previous firmware. However, the files have changed:

Code: Select all
bootloader.bin 0x1000
partitions.bin 0x8000
odroid-go-firmware.bin 0x10000

After the firmware is flashed, the device can be placed in firmware update mode:
1) Turn the ODROID-GO off
2) Press and hold the "B" button.
3) With the "B" button pressed, turn the ODROID-GO on.
4) Continue holding "B" until the firmware update screen appears (5 seconds).
5) Press "Start" to flash the "firmware.bin" on the SD card.
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Re: ODROID-GO Firmware

Unread postby ElTentakel » Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:30 am

Hi. This works great, especially after overwriting the Springboard with custom code. But I would request a feature to abort the flash tool and return to Springboard. It is possible to accidentally push B on power on and then you lose the savegame of the last game. Also it would be great to be able different firmware files from the sd card.
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