Can 1N4007 diode replace 1N4148 diode

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Can 1N4007 diode replace 1N4148 diode

Unread post by candylily19 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:09 pm

As is list in the article:,Crystal diode is a semiconductor devices at both ends of solid-state electronic devices. The main features of these devices are nonlinear current voltage characteristics. With the development of semiconductor materials and technology, various semiconductor materials, doping distribution and geometric structure have been developed, and many kinds of crystal diodes with various kinds of structure and different functional applications have been developed. The manufacturing materials are germanium, silicon and compound semiconductors. Crystal diodes can be used to generate, control, receive, transform, amplify signals and carry out energy conversion.

the main characteristic of the diode is the unidirectional conductivity, that is, under the action of the forward voltage, the conduction resistance is very small, and the resistance is great or infinity under the action of the reverse voltage. Because of the characteristics of the diode, the cordless telephone often uses it in rectifying, isolating, stabilizing, polarity protection, coding control, FM modulation and static noise. The crystal diodes used in the telephone can be divided into rectifying diodes (such as 1N4004), isolated diodes (such as 1N4148 diode, Schottky diodes (such as BAT85), light emitting diodes, and voltage regulated diodes.

Now,question is coming:

My PC game controller broke and since I have some old PS1 controllers I was thinking about converting one to PC. After some googling I found all I need is a parallel port plug and some 1N4148 diodes. But I live in a small town in the mountains and is not easy for me to get new components, I was wondering if the 1N4007 diodes I have could replace the 1N4148.

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Re: Can 1N4007 diode replace 1N4148 diode

Unread post by mush-room » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:39 pm

Can You please post a schematic of the circuit, to get an idea in which position and what for the diodes are there?

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