Gameboy does not save games

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Gameboy does not save games

Unread post by Niels » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:35 am

Hello everybody,

I am happy, because a few days ago I recieved my Odroid-Go! But today I noticed a big problem! I played Zelda - Links awakening on Game Boy color.
During playing I saved several times, and by starting the game new I can load the savegame. BUT: If I turn off the Odroid, the savegame is currupt. I try to explain why:
There is an old savegame, saved after level 1. Today I tried to save after Level 2. No Problem, no problem as long as the device is switched on. But when I switch the Odroid off, and try to load the savegame, it only loads the "old" after level 1...

I hope you can understand, what I mean... English is not my native language ;)

Can anybody help me?

best regards!


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Re: Gameboy does not save games

Unread post by crashoverride » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:24 am

Despite any in-game menu's, the game is only actually saved when the Menu button is pressed.

You should press the Menu button to return to the menu before turning off the ODROID-GO. When you turn the device back on, pressing "B" should take you back to game at the point you left off.

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