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Open Media Vault (Latest)

Unread postby alexxgg » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:33 am

Hi everyone,

I just built under Debian Stretch the latest version of Open Media Vault (v4.1.9). You can now save some time.


== [Download Link] ==

I've compressed the image with tar and xz, to uncompress it just execute:

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tar -Jxf open_media_vault_v4.1.9_stretch_odroid_c2_2018.08.01.img.tar.xz

After that, just write the image to your SD card or eMMC module.
Note: on first boot a script will resize the rootfs partition and then reboot the device automatically, so wait around 2 minutes before to access to the web interface.

If you find any issue on this image, just let me know.

Have fun.
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