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Retroarch folder

Unread postby Lunaticmango » Wed May 30, 2018 10:17 pm

Hi guys, I'm really sorry for my stupid lame question. I'm new with Odroid X4. So far, Turbo Gaming Station has been working great. I'm trying to set up Kodi and rom collection browser (XBMC, frontend). They ask me for the emulator path, wich is Retroarch and I can't find it. Sorry again for that very basic question.

Another question, I'm having difficulties with the hotkey, I know it has to do with the xbox 360 autocongig. My question : If I remove autoconfig for the xbox 360, will I be able to use start and select, like a usally do on Emulationstationn (to go back to the main menu). I'm using Gamesir controller.

Thanks everybody
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