C2 / HiFi Shield 2 / 16x2 LCD + IO Shield pin conflict ?

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C2 / HiFi Shield 2 / 16x2 LCD + IO Shield pin conflict ?

Unread post by totyc » Wed May 16, 2018 6:48 pm

Dear Community !

After lot of investigation and tries, I need to ask You - as a much experienced forumers - few question ... Just to understand and clarify :

Here is the config :

Odroid C2
HiFi Shield 2
16x2 LCD + IO Shield
volumio 2.344 with HD44780 LCD Plugin (it is using LCDd service to output to display), GPIO Plugin, TOUCH Display Plugin, IR remote Plugin .. all adopted to C2 hardware ...

The questions :

1. What is the purpose of connection on GPIOX.BIT19 to HiFi Shield 2 ? It is a pin no 11. on GPIO extension port (GPIOX.BIT19), and wired to PCM5242RHBR chips XSMT pin.
2. Is not XMST conflicted with E port of 16x2 LCD Shield, which is connected exactly to the same GPIO extension port pin ?
3. For using the 16x2 LCD we need to disable 1 WIRE functionality of C2, pin no 7 on GPIO extension port ( GPIOX.BIT21), because it is a RS port of 16x2 LCD Shield.
4. But when I disable 1 WIRE ( sudo modprobe -r w1_gpio or black listing it), after restart 1 WIRE is enabled again ( volumio 2.344 config). Wat can be ? Overlay FS ?
5. LCDd process is running, LCDd.conf is OK, but lcdproc does not send any data to 16x2 LCD Shiled ( volumio 2.344). sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio does not show any active port attached to LCDd. What can be ?
6. When I use wiringPi lcd_time sample C program, 16x2 LCD shows the correct - expected date and time, but HiFi Shiled 2 stops working ( volumio 2.344 config). What is wrong ? XMST conflicted with E ? Of course reboot helps ...

Thank You in advance for Your helps and sugesstions !

Best regards,

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Re: C2 / HiFi Shield 2 / 16x2 LCD + IO Shield pin conflict ?

Unread post by odroid » Thu May 17, 2018 12:38 am

1. XSMT seems to be used for MUTE control by the DAC device driver. Refer the datasheet page 21 http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/pcm5242.pdf
2. If LCD software swings "E" signal frequently, DAC output will be muted/unmuted frequently. So you have to modify the LCD board to avoid the serious conflict.
3. Yes, you need to add 1-wire drivers in blacklist.
4. I have no idea how to remount the overlayfs to have a write permission. Contact Volumio developer(@gkkpch) for some help. I also want to learn how to do it.
5. I don't know well how LCDd works.
6. Yes, they conflict each other.

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