Help Required - Basic and Fundamental Questions

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Help Required - Basic and Fundamental Questions

Unread postby G.Balakrishnan » Wed May 09, 2018 4:44 pm

Hi All

1. I have an Odroid C2.
2. I have recently bought a LED TV (Sanyo/Panasonic) which is capable of 1920x1080p. It has HDMI and VGA ports
3. I wanted to try Android on C2 - with this TV as a display monitor
4. Downloaded selfinstall-odroidc2-eng-s905_6.0.1_master-92-v4.0.img and installed
5. It works. It recognized my USB WiFi adaptor (Ralink MT5370 chipset). Was able to connect to the WiFi too
6. I was able to see the contents of a USB pendrive and its contents. Was able to play some lower resolution videos (720p)
7. However, the system crashes, if I try to open the pre-installed browser.
8. The system keeps crashing for no specific reason - practically NOT able to explore further

My questions :
1. I find many files in the download area. A screenshot is attached.
2. I want help in understanding the nomenclature (naming convention) of these files.
3. Which is the file I have to download and any add-on patches to that?
4. I am familiar with Linux (Mint) and Console commands. If any log has to be seen, where and how to see - and probably share with the Forum

G Balakrishnan
android for Odroid C2 - different versions
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Re: Help Required - Basic and Fundamental Questions

Unread postby codewalker » Wed May 09, 2018 6:05 pm

Install Google market. ... googleplay
and install chrome browser at google play store.

You can update lastest firmware via ODROID Utility app. ... stallation
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