Black screen after turning on TV

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Black screen after turning on TV

Unread post by TigrAtes » Tue May 08, 2018 7:39 pm

I use Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow v4.1 on my odroid c2 connected to a Samsung UE49 TV.
I like to control everything with my remote control over CEC. For testing I additionally connected a blutooth keyboard.

Unfortunately, I have the following issue:
If I switch off the tv and on again the screen is black and it does not react on any input of the remote control anymore. If press any button on the blutooth keyboard the screen turn on and the remote control (CEC) starts working again.
The problem is, that I do not want to use the keyboard everytime I turn on the TV. This problem does not occur if I only switch the sources of the TV.

So it seems to me that switching off the TV turn android into standby mode but unfortunately also disables CEC so that I can't wake up android by the remote anymore.

I would like that android always stays awake and that turning off the TV does not put android to the stand by mode. Is it possible to disable the CEC power off command only?

In the Odroid Utility setting I have CEC Switch on. (Otherwise Android does not go to standby but also the remote does not work at all)
I have tried all combination of the other CEC option, but nothing seems to work. In the android developer options I turned on the stay awake option, but this seems only to prevent the stand by mode after an idle time.

If you could give me a hint, how to disable the standby mode when switching off the TV, I would be very thankful.

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