xu4 docker & gui for docker via portainer

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xu4 docker & gui for docker via portainer

Post by xenek »

Hi, much of what I have read suggests you need to compile or build to get docker working on the xu4. And every tutorial is loaded with command line stuff, which is too much like hard work. Certainly, you can't memorize it all perfectly, which is why the GUI was invented, I guess.

So here's a cute thing, a start, maybe someone wants to call it the 'an easy guide to docker on XU4'.

1. install Ubuntu Mate 16.04.4 LTS on your XU4
2. run all the updates
3. go into system/time&date, set timezone
4. in terminal, #sudo apt install docker.io
5. #docker run --rm armv7/armhf-ubuntu_core:16.04 cat /etc/lsb-release (this is a 'very simple test' that uses about 100Mb of disk space, and maybe 50Mb internet traffic)

Working! but who wants to use terminal for docker image management? Not me!

So, we get docker running automatically at boot
1. in terminal, #systemctl enable docker
2. #systemctl status docker (just to see what's up)

Now, we get portainer installed, working, and running at boot
1. in terminal, #docker run --restart=always -d -p 9000:9000 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock portainer/portainer:arm

Give it all a few restarts, and make sure you can access portainer at the odroid IP on port 9000 reliably after each restart.

Lastly, let's test portainer for a 'gui install of a stack'. There is no webserver on this PC, so let's try owncloud, it runs on port 80 so it's an easy test. It's about a 500mb image.

create the container
1. in portainer, click containers.
2. click add container
3. give it a name (eg 'owncloudtest' - make sure no spaces or funny chars in name)
4. type in arm32v7/owncloud
5. ensure 'always pull image' is ticked
6. click restart policy always
7. click map port -then put 80 in host, and 80 in container, leaving tcp selected
8. leave all others default, click create
9. Once finished, test by browsing to the IP of the odroid.

There you go, easy! Zero terminal needed, or so a person hopes !

I get my image names to pull new containers from this page:


It'd be nice if I went there tomorrow and found grafana ;-)


PS: I've listed the 5 commands, but haven't tested them on a clean install, so please, if someone gets a chance, feel free to copy/paste this post, flesh it out more, correct it, and call it their own. Pics would be good, for proof.

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Re: xu4 docker & gui for docker via portainer

Post by rooted »

xenek wrote: There you go, easy! Zero terminal needed, or so a person hopes !
Actually you used terminal several times ;)

Good work, thanks for posting your guide.

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