USB ports not working on N2+

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USB ports not working on N2+

Post by fridayghost »

Hi guys. I bought a used Odroid N2+ from a guy in my area. I bought the power adapter for the n2+ from a nearby electronics store. Came home and booted the Odroid. But from the day 1 the 4 usb 3 ports are not working. The guy, i bought the odroid from, said that the issue is with the inadequate power supply and i should buy a good quality power adapter. So i bought another costlier power adapter. Today i received the new power adapter. The USB 3 ports are still now working. Although i can use the odroid n2+ using the micro-usb port with a usb hub.
After going through forum, i fear that the usb-3 ports are damaged for good. Can anybody guide me how to get the ports working again (if possible)?
I am new to the SBC scene (tinkered with raspberry pi3 and pi zero w in the past), and this is my first Odroid.

Edit 1 : I can also SSH into the Odroid and use it. So USB 3 ports not working is not a big issue for me. But if the ports are working, it would make the job easier.
Edit 2 : There is no power power in the usb ports. The mouse does not light up when connected using the usb 3 port, while it does light up when connected using the micro usb port.

Thank you.

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Re: USB ports not working on N2+

Post by mctom »


Since you browsed through the forum, you may be aware this is a reoccurring hardware issue, so I fear the guy you bought the item from knew about this and wanted to get rid of the faulty item.
Most probably the USB controller chip needs replacement, that's a QFN package, so this can be done with some advanced soldering skills, or in your local repair shop. Sourcing that part is not trivial though, and I can't recall anybody reporting going through all this, so I'm not even sureit's going to work, and whether the new chip is going to last longer than the previous one.
There is no "public" knowledge about why is this happening, but @odroid stated at some point it affects some 0,1% of the devices - at least that's how many they are aware of.

There is also a slim possibility that indeed your unit has been damaged somewhere between the seller using it for the last time, and you using it for the first time. Handling the device poses a risk of ESD, and at this point this is the most sensible explanation of the fault.

Anyway, what I suggest is to either try returning it, or negotiating a partial refund, since you said you're okay with dead USB ports.
If you want it fixed, you can try. If a skilled technician is going to attempt the fix, the rest of the computer is at really low risk.
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