ubuntu minimal default with rootfs on LVM

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ubuntu minimal default with rootfs on LVM

Post by yx5jsf8 »

Took me few days to learn to do from scratch, so thought others could benefit by just having direct image so no waste of time doing same thing.

Link (will probably deactivate soon given my account has expired):
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

or more permanent mirror from Mr. odroid below (many thanks to him):

This is exactly identical to the default image provided by odroid company at https://odroid.in/ubuntu_20.04lts/XU3_XU4_MC1_HC1_HC2/ with extra below:

lvm2 package installed (only extra package installed)
initram files for boot generated using lvm2 scripts
boot.ini and fstab mapped to /dev/mapper/ logical volumes
aafirstboot script modified very slightly to accomodate expanding LV vs just ext4

Otherwise exactly same and will function same but with lvm features.

This image based on "ubuntu-20.04-5.4-minimal-odroid-xu4-20210112.img" from odroid website. md5sums provided in link.

Also, as future suggestion, why not install lvm2 package by default on all future ubuntu releases so users can then copy rootfs wherever they want with or without lvm? Otherwise is extra hassle doing it manually since you have to generate initram on device itself. But just suggestion. Default ubuntu on x86 uses lvm I think (my desktop by default was set to lvm).

Thanks and hope you all find useful.
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Re: ubuntu minimal default with rootfs on LVM

Post by odroid »

Thank you for sharing a ready to use image for some people needs the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) feature.
Here is a mirror.
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