Running Devuan distribution on odroid boards

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Running Devuan distribution on odroid boards

Post by magnum_pi »


Just a note for anyone who might be interested in running Devuan on their odroid boards. In case you don't know of the distribution, it's basically the same as Debian, but with systemd removed.

I can confirm that it works well on the following (along with specific boards tested):
  • xu4-based boards (xu4, xu4 cloudshell, hc1, hc2)
  • n2-based (n2, n2+)
  • c4-based (hc4)
Although odroid boards aren't officially supported, if Debian works on them, it's possible to convert to running Devuan instead. See the Devuan site for details of the conversion.

For all of these, I started with the latest Debian images from meveric and followed the instructions on the Devuan site after that.

If you don't like systemd, I can recommend the change to Devuan!
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