Suggest to sponsor Kodi Game / RetroPlayer developers with ODROID-Go Super hardware

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Suggest to sponsor Kodi Game / RetroPlayer developers with ODROID-Go Super hardware

Post by Hedda »

Posting this suggestion here since the existing related viewtopic.php?f=187&t=41283 thread is locked now.
Now, it is time to introduce a new developers’ gaming gadget for 2021.


We will ship several pre-production samples to the community OS image developers beginning early next week.
@odroid Do you think that there is any chance that we end-users can convince Hardkernel to reach out to Team Kodi Game developers and offer a sponsorship with OGS (ODROID-Go Super) hardware samples?

The idea about Kodi with RetroPlayer support OGS (ODROID-Go Super) was originally brought up in Kodi's own community forum upstream here:

Summary; The reason why Hardkernel would want to sponsor Kodi's RetroPlayer developers with OGS hardware samples specifically is that Kodi/XBMC now has integrated native support for retro emulation gaming via libretro API (making it have built-in compatible with the same libretro cores as RetroArch).

I believe that having Kodi's RetroPlayer developers get their hands on OGS hardware could motivate them to also add optimized support for its joysticks and display resolution as standard.

I would love it if an OGS hardware sponsorship could get the Kodi development team to officially fully support Kodi and RetroPlayer gaming in Kodi on the OGS as a handheld gaming platform.

As you probably already know; Kodi (formerly XBMC) is an entertainment software that most users run on Linux distros like LibreELEC or CoreELEC on single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi 3/4 or ODROID C1/C2/C4/N2 or similar: ... _emulators

Disclaimer: I'm just an end-user and not a Kodi developer so this's only a suggestion. I am not personally affiliated with Kodi so best if you could please reach out to them yourselves directly. Please see the "Sponsorship" section on this page:

PS: You might also want to consider contacting LibreELEC and CoreELEC developers as well to see if they are interested but based on categories in their communities they seem to have little interest in portable gaming on handheld consoles. ... -go-super/

FYI; Lakka, which is Libretro Team's Linux distribution that is optimized to run the RetroArch front-end and libretro cores for games emulation, is based on LibreELEC. Also, EmuELEC, the Linux distribution that ships with default on OGA/OGS, is based on CoreELEC, which in turn is also based on LibreELEC. The main difference is that Lakka uses RetroArch and EmuELEC uses EmulationStation as their front-end applications instead of Kodi, as well as those distros and frontends already having full support for RockChip RK3326 ARM-based handhelds which their special display-resolutions/aspect-rations and joystick inputs.
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Re: Suggest to sponsor Kodi RetroPlayer developers with ODROID-Go Super hardware

Post by odroid »

If they contacted us with a brief porting plan description, we willingly sent them a couple of free dev units.

We already have over 10 OS images for OGA and OGS devices.
For example, Lakka team has released Nightly build everyday from last year too. ... vance.arm/

LibreELEC and CoreELEC teams have released their OS images for ODROID C2/N2/C4/XU4 boards since '2016.
But, they have not been interested in any handheld devices.
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