Quick Installation without netboot

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Quick Installation without netboot

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I wrote this little tutorial as i my standard USB keyboard doesn't work with petiboot and i really want to boot from a sata drive instead of sd card. You can achieve that by using the netboot option from petiboot.

The workaround for me is pretty easy and has been described from a windows perspective. Using a linux machine, it's quite easier as you only need step 1) and after that you could prepare your ssd/hdd using dd to flash the image directly and boot into your desired distribution with your HC4.

Step 1) Download petiboot image version 20201222 (http://ppa.linuxfactory.or.kr/images/pe ... 222.img.xz), flash that image onto sd card and boot your HC4 using exactly this sd card. This update is required to boot from sata and takes several minutes, but progress is visible via hdmi monitor. After finished petiboot upgrade, turn off HC4.

Step 2) Flash a bootable distribution to your sd card as described at wiki (Balena Etcher, dd, Image Writer etc.). It really doesn't matter which image you choose. Boot your HC4 using this sd card.

Step 3) Download and decompress your desired debian distribution to your local computer from http://ppa.linuxfactory.or.kr/images/raw/, matching your HC4, . Decompression can be done using 7zip or any other xz compatible tool.

Step 4) Copy the uncompressed, downloaded image file from your computer to your HC4 via SFTP or SCP.
Example using command line scp or pscp (putty scp): scp debian-buster-server-odroidhc4-20210301.img root@

Step 5) Login to your HC4 using ssh. Ensure your first sata drive is connected and usable (blkid should show /dev/sda). Now write the image to your first attached sata drive (/dev/sda) using dd.
dd if=/root/your_image_file.img of=/dev/sda bs=1M. (The first sata drive connector is the outer one, the second the inner one.)

Now you should call shutdown, wait for poweroff, remove the sd card and start your HC4 without any sd card. Petiboot will display your bootable sata drive containing your desired image and boot straight into that.

I hope, this quick howto helped a bit.
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