Minimal image for OGS

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Minimal image for OGS

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After trying out several of the available images, all of which are pretty impressive, I found that they included a lot of features that I don't really need or want. i.e. multiple network services in some cases, emulators for obscure systems which don't really make a lot of sense on a handheld, etc. This is understandable since they're mostly general purpose distributions.

I would definitely appreciate these features on an HTPC but not so much on the OGS.

So I took a scalpel to the one I liked the most and ended up with a minimal image that only includes cores for handheld and console systems which is pretty much all I'm playing on the OGS.
I prefer to copy files over directly as I find it faster so while Wifi still works, for me anyway, there are no network services at all, no Samba, no SSH or NFS.

This is obviously not intended for everyone but I figured I'd share it anyway just in case someone is looking for something like it or just wants to try it.

MD5 d912a45641b6294ffe53c7fd66f3a73e es-ogs.tar.xz

Burn the image to an SD and boot the image to prepare the file system, then copy over your files.

Select is the hotkey.
Select/Start are where you would expect them to be and pressing them together will bring you back to Emulation Station.
The two lower buttons on the left control screen brightness.
Everything else is as you would expect.

It works for me, may or may not work for you...

Also, will not boot on anything other than Odroid Go Super.
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